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Monday, March 12, 2018

Spring Swap!!!

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that Amy of Bumble Bee Lane Cottage is BACK!  She's planned a Spring Swap....we all love her swaps.....so hurry on over today to join in the fun.  Sign ups end on March 17th!!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Putting away Christmas......

In our 1830 home, I have two large trees (and about 20 small ones in varying sizes) that I decorate each Christmas time.  One I decorate with all of the ornaments our family has acquired over the years and that tree is always in our family room.  My other tree resides in the dining room, and it is also very special, as it contains ornaments from my blogging friends.  It wasn't that long ago when there were plenty of swaps going on in my blogging world.  I always looked forward to the Christmas ornament swaps.  Each one was oh so special.  Over the years, I accumulated quite a few....and as I was removing them from the tree this morning, I had a time to reflect on some of the awesome people I met through blogging.  There was the snowman in a stocking from Theresa, the raggedy from Cyndy, a star from Amy, and oh so many more wonderful handmade ornaments.  There were some that I created as a result of the Twelve Days of Christmas events I hosted.
These were bittersweet memories, for so many blogs have been neglected in the last couple years.  I will always look fondly on those blogging swaps...who knows, maybe some year there will be a resurgence. 
Thank you blogging friends for all the wonderful memories!

Friday, December 22, 2017

Happy Birthday Peter

It's seems like only yesterday....but it was 5 years ago that our first grandchild,
Peter Francis
 was born.

He has brought such joy to us!
He loves tractors, robots, Grammy's pantry full of goodies, steak, chicken, spaghetti, cookies, cake and ice cream.  He is so interested in how things work and loves to be outside.  He loves to swing, ride Grandpa's tractor and have sleep overs.

dear Peter!

We love you so much.

The Three Musketeers! Peter, Joey & Todd

Thursday, December 7, 2017

It's the Holiday Season!

Wow...the time is flying by, isn't it?!
I cannot believe it is the beginning of December, and before we know it, Christmas will be here.

The time between Turkey Day and Christmas is especially busy for our family, as we have birthdays every week up until the Birthday of Our Lord.  First there is the Hubs, then our youngest son, Drew, then mine, then little Peter on the 21st - cannot believe he will be 5 this year! Can you?

My online Etsy shop has been doing well, and keeping me very busy.  I am finished making holiday items now...just mailed out the last 6 custom orders today.  Whew.  I'm so glad that I can now concentrate on finishing up the decorating in our home.  It's so big, it always takes me forever to get it done.  I will probably scale back a little bit this year, because I simply haven't had the time to dedicate to it.  

This past Sunday our Church had a coffee hour after Mass, and St Nicholas came to greet the little girls and boys.  Petie, Joey and Allie were happy to pose for a picture, but Elena wanted nothing to do with old St. Nick!

One of the things I have been really missing this time of year is my annual Twelve Days of Christmas that I used to put together.  It's sad how blogging has given way to Facebook...it's really not the same, and I am missing all the fun we used to have here in blogland....no swaps, celebrations or sharing much anymore.

I am hoping that this year I will get to make some of my favorite cookies.  I love Sprintz, Thumbprints and what our family calls Chocolate Pixies.  It isn't Christmas without those in the house.  Only problem with baking all those goodies is that I truly cannot resist eating them.  All my will power is gone when they are in the house....think I will make some soft and yummy ginger snaps too.

What is your favorite Christmas cookie?

If you have a really yummy recipe you would like to share, just jot me a note and I'll post about it!

I'll be back before Christmas to wish you all a Merry Day.
Blessings during this Advent Season.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Our wee one is baptized

Sunday was damp and chilly, but inside our hearts were warm, as our newest grandson, Todd, was baptized.  Here are a couple pics of the event.  Afterwards, we met at his parent's house and spent the day together, chatting and making delicious food, while the kiddos played.

The three musketeers!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Lord giveth...and He taketh away....

My last post was full of excitement at the birth of our new grandson.  Little Todd is doing well, and he is so soft and cute.  His brothers adore him...well...we all do!

But this week, there is sadness in our family.
Last night, we found out that my husband's sister's husband...our brother-in-law, who lives in Idaho, was killed in an accident.  He's operated a rock quarry for years, and made a lot of good money doing it.  He's always been proficient at driving all the equipment, but yesterday morning something went wrong.  They are still trying to piece things together, but it appears that somehow, Art must have fallen out of the cab of his bulldozer and was crushed.  It could be that he had a heart attack...and we are hoping the autopsy will shed some light on that.  The dozer ran over him and proceeded on down the embankment, flipping over.  Art was left at the top. 

Art was the kind of guy who was big, burly and jovial.  He always had a tale to tell, a football team to complain about, or politics to discuss.  He was a good-natured fellow, you would never get tired of spending time with.  He was kind, generous and will be sorely missed.

He leaves behind my sister-in-law Stephanie, along with 4 grown girls and their large families.
Please pray for Art and his family.  I wish we could go to the funeral on Saturday, but 3,000 miles and money will prevent it.

Rest in Peace Arthur Brand. 

Friday, October 13, 2017

New Grandson!!!

I'd like to introduce you to our newest grandson!

Todd Andrew Dominic Montreuil
born 10/11/2017

Wee little Todd Andrew Dominic

Proud big Brother Peter

Happy big Brother Joey

Friday, September 15, 2017

Fall Friendship Swap with Sandi

I recently received my Fall Friendship Swap from Sandi at the Primitive Skate.

Sandi sent me a sweet stump prairie doll and tiny gourd, a wooden witch hat (hard to see in photo), a little scarecrow, oh so yummy smelling tarts, a cute burlap pumpkin, a great chicken towel, some little prim candles and a packet of pumpkin spice coffee.  The pumpkin and scarecrow are both nestled on my kitchen window sill, and the towel is already in use..  

Love it all Sandi!  Thank you so much.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Happy Birthday Joey!!

It's a special day in our family.

Little Joey is now 3 years old!

It's been three wonderful years of his cute little face and infectious smile!

We Love you!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Some remember....

Good morning dear friends.

I sit with my cup of coffee, check my FB feed, email and shoppe.  I woke up feeling depressed...with an overwhelming desire to tear up.  Not my usual get up and go attitude...and then I remember...what today is....
Every year I feel this way...the sadness is overwhelming...I turned on the news to see  if anyone is feeling as I do.
ABC - a story on animals 
NBC - commerical
CBS - weather report

finally I turn to FOX news...and there is it....

the videos, photos, the memories....

Then, a moment of silence....in honor of when the first plane it.....
The reading of the names begins.....
A wee little girl, not more than six...reads the names of some of the victims, with such eloquence and reverence...and then, with sadness...the name of her grandfather...that she will never know...she bows her head and looks so sad.
It touches me so.

I didn't know any of the victims of that day.  I watched in stunned silence as I sat having my morning coffee on an ordinary day.  The hubs was at work, the boys at school.  There was some commotion on Good Morning America....something about a plane and the World Trade Center.  Everyone assumed it was an accident.  Video rolled in the background as the hosts discussed it.  They were busy talking...and didn't see the video rolling...the live video showing another plane coming into view...I saw it, maybe you did too...and watched in shock as it hit the second tower.  That is when we ALL knew...this was no accident.  We, America, were under attack.

My first impulse was to sob...My second was to call my husband...and oh...how I wanted to jump into the car and go down to the school to get my boys.  Would they be scared?  Would they even know what had happened? What else was going to happen?

More news coverage....a plane hit the Pentagon...Todd Beamer and others, put their lives on the line, to make sure another attack didn't happen, as they struggled to regain control of the plane they were in.  There were so many heros that day.  Some we know about, like Todd Beamer and the priest in NYC who lost his life when he returned yet again to help people.  The fire-fighters and policemen, emergency workers, first responders, and every day men and women, who cared more for others than themselves. Covered in debris, that would later cause major health problems...
The terrorists thought they could crush us, but in fact, at those very moments, these humble souls showed what the people of America are really like.  

I long for a return to the kindness, togetherness and unity America had then.
The division, riots, intolerance caused by few, have driven our country down so far.

So on this day...I pray for those who lost their lives, not just on 9-11, but in all the wars beforehand and after, mostly forgotten now....
I pray for those who lost loved ones
I pray for our President and those who help to lead our country
I pray for those who want to rip our nation in two
I pray for you, for me...for our loved ones....that through unity in our families and love for one another, that we can make a difference, however small, in how our country can be great again.

God Bless America

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